The Quest Intruder(TM) kit was the first model rocket I completed. What was available at my local hobby shop was Estes and Quest kits (and not too different ones). I bought this kit and the Estes Black Brant II kits as my first foray back into model rocketry and being a B.A.R. Although building kits probably doesn't get me any coolness points as an adult model rocketeer, they were fun to build and good way to get back into the hobby.

The Intruder is a rocket of no particular scale: "Futuristic interceptor patrols the outposts of interplanetary space."
This is Quest kit #3001. Kit information and a full-size picture of the front of the package is here. This was a good kit and I enjoyed building it. I particularly like the way Quest sets up the shock cord (aramid thread to the motor mount).

One thing I didn't like much about this kit is the thickness of the decals. I'm reluctant to call them decals (even though they worked that way), they're more like stickers: thick and immune to decal set. In the photo below right you can see the shiny backing reflecting sunlight. There were lots of decals, representing some sort of futuristic military transport (I guess) so I guess they were worried about them tearing.


The Pictures

Intruder side view Intruder tail closeup

The Quest Kit

The Intruder had an cool looking cover at least compared to the other Estes and Quest kits available at my local hobby store. Also, it was one of the few without pre-formed plastic fins which would take away all the fun. In the end, it came out looking very good (my version).

For those interested in the kit itself:


Kit specifications

Estimated Maximum Altitude: 800 feet
Recommended Rocket Motors: A6-4 (first flight), A8-3, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7
Length: 19.25" (48.9 cm)
Body Diameter: .984" (25 mm)
Weight: 1.3 oz. (37 g)


Package Cover Card

The kit came in a bag with this color cover card:

Intruder kit package