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Space-X Falcon 9

In October 2017, Barnard Propulsion Systems announced the available of a thrust-vectoring system for mid-power motors (24 and 29mm). So I had to try it out, and of course the obvious thing was to model a modern finless rocket.


The Pictures


The Design

The BPS system is designed to fit 3" Apogee tubes, which set the diameter of the model. It's also limited to mid-power motors, which set a weight limit. Since I wanted to model the Falcon 9, that also set the scale as 1:48 (about 2%) since the dragon main body is 3.66m in diameter.

Below is a drawing of the V1.1 and V1.2 configurations. I decided to model the V1.2 (block 3), which is the second from the right.

The Dragon capsule was more interesting than the fairing version and this more complex shape can be 3D printed. This makes the 2% model about 52" tall (ignoring the aft nozzles).


Historical Info.